‘Mayday were not afraid to push us into making brave decisions for the benefit of our business. In six months we have seen a fourfold increase in revenue.’

Rupert Parsons – Womersley Managing Director

For more than a decade we have kept simplicity and clarity at the heart of what we do. It keeps us sane, but more importantly it helps the brands we work with cut through increasing on-shelf noise and perform effectively.

When we started we had two things in common. We were born on the same day in May – hence the
Mayday moniker – and we liked to keep things simple.

We still do.

Barry Gillibrand and Roger Akroyd
Founding Partners

  • Barry Gillibrand

    Co Founder

    Our core strength lies in our enduring commitment to producing memorable design solutions for our clients. The icing on the cake for me is that we still have great fun doing it.

  • Roger Akroyd

    Co Founder

    I enjoy a stimulating creative partnership with my business partner, producing elegantly crafted, award winning work that sells. I’m particularly proud of the fact that we’ve been working with some of our clients for over ten years.

  • Katherine Greenwood

    Client Services Director

    I love being at the centre of a project, driving the strategic and creative process, whilst building the strong relationships between client and creative teams that ensure successful results.

Our take on brand identity and packaging design is simple. We produce dramatic, elegant results, which help your product sell. To do this we listen carefully to our clients.

Clarity is not just a word in a proposal for us; It’s the backbone of what we do. It’s the reason our work looks the way it looks and performs the way it performs.

Clarity may define the Mayday style – but it also defines our approach to working with you. We’ve always enjoyed the challenge of improving a brand’s performance and we enjoy delivering rich and powerful design that our clients are really proud of. 

Our approach has enabled us to pick up quite a few awards for our clients along the way – D&AD, New York Art Directors, Communication Arts, Pentawards, Design Week, Dieline and Clio.

But enough about us – Let’s talk about you.

Brand owners come to us when they’re –

  • keen to create a distinctive and memorable new brand

  • worried that the quality of their branding doesn’t match the quality of their product

  • commited to increasing brand awareness

  • planning to revitalise an existing brand

Come and have a coffee with us and we can discuss how we can improve your brand’s performance.

Our thoughts on free pitching…

We understand your motivation but to put it simply, we think free pitching is bad business practice. The process keeps the designer away from the client, which prevents informed thinking and removes the benefits of collaboration. It might feel like you’re spreading the risk, but in reality you’re getting a larger number of weaker solutions. We’re happy to work with you to help give you any reassurance you may need.


Deceptively simple ideas, elegantly crafted, to improve your brand’s performance.

Packaging / Structure

We create memorable packaging solutions and bespoke structures your customers will want to pick up.


We get to the nub of your brand story and clearly define the right direction for your brand.


Creating names that stick and connecting you to your consumers with an authentic tone of voice.