Packaging design experts Mayday London have today unveiled a new brandmark and packaging design for N’eat natural energy bars for the N’eat Healthy Food Co (Jenks brands). The new designs will launch in retail outlets next week.

Mayday’s designs feature a hand drawn logotype that conveys the soft, chewy, fruity properties of the energy bars and reflect the colour of the fruit within each variant.

Fresh, zingy apricot, blueberry, banana and red berry colours emphasize that N’eat bars are made from 100% natural fruit and seeds, unlike rival products that use dates and nuts.

On-pack copy is used to reinforce the idea of natural healthy goodness, and clearly indicates the different taste options. The packs feature the line ‘no nasties, just N’eat’ to communicate the 100% natural proposition and the line ‘good for you, good for orangutans’ appears on shelf display units to support the unique brand claim that no palm oil is used in the production of these products.

N’eat bars are targeted at the growing number of people who make healthy choices about what they eat, without being fitness fanatics.


Mayday partner Barry Gillibrand says :

‘Mayday has created a confident brand look and feel that is appetizing, honest, impactful and fun. The packaging design clearly communicates the chewy, fruity, tastiness as well as signaling the natural ingredients without any boring ‘worthy’ health references.’

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