Brand and Packaging Design agency Mayday London have today announced their collaboration with innovative US brand Repour to launch a new Kickstarter campaign, designed to bring the Repour Smart Stopper to market by early 2017.

 Known for their dynamic approach to design and with an array of award-winning projects behind them, Mayday London was founded by two industy experts over a decade ago. Since then, the agency has worked with a range of iconic brands, with many spanning across the food and drink sectors including Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, Tesco, Cafedirect and Clearspring.

As a foreward-thinking team, Mayday London are not afraid to work with smaller, emerging brands and they are often seen to push the boundaries of creativity. It is this strategy that has led them to collaborate with Repour, a new disposable product designed to keep wine fresher for longer by emilimating oxygen from the bottle.

For the first time ever, Mayday London are working with the brand to launch a Kickstarter campaign which hopes to raise investment in order to get Repour into production:

 Repour’s brilliance lies in its simplicity, so we wanted the brand identity and packaging design to reflect this. The name Repour captures both the functional and emotional essence of the brand, which plays out through brand communication extension – repour, retaste, relax….

Working with entrepreneur and Repour Founder Tom Lutz at this early stage of product development has been a stimulating experience for Mayday. Collaborating with a client on a crowdfunding campaign brings a new dynamic to the relationship, offering Mayday the opportunity to have a real share in its success.” – Roger Akroyd, Mayday London Co-Founder.

About the Repour Smart Stopper

Launching at the Innovative Expo in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, US, the Repour ‘Smart Stopper’ has been created by American Entrepreneur Tom Lutz and is the easiest and most effective wine preserver to be available.

‘Gone-off’ wine that is often identified by a vinegar-like taste is a common problem for consumers at home and for bars and restaurants so Repour has been designed to combat this issue. By ‘de-gassing’ the wine, it prevents degradation and preserves the original aroma, for as many days as the bottle needs to be preserved.

A device that attaches to any wine bottle, Repour works by absorbing oxygen from the air above the wine for as long as the bottle is in use, however many times it is opened/closed. The stopper keeps wine so fresh that users may even need to let red wine ‘breathe’ again when they are ready to enjoy another glass.

 With an FDA approved oxygen absorber, a patent-pending and vigorous testing, Repour has already won approval from industry insiders – last month it was supported by the State of Iowa thru their IEDA division and Inventor Tom Lutz has also been receiving support from the EDC, Inc., a non-profit business accelerator located in the Corridor to assist Iowa-based scalable businesses. In addition, local entrepreneurs, including Jeff Quint, Owner of Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery have backed Tom’s venture and says there is a strong market for Repour smart stopper;

Here at Cedar Ridge we close on Sundays and reopen on Wednesdays. Now we have to pour hundreds of dollars of wine down the drain in-between. With the Repour™ smart stopper, we can simply replace the cork with the smart stopper when we leave on Sunday. When we return on Wednesday, the wine is as fresh as it is when we first opened them.”

If successful, Repour will be offered to the US and UK market in a 1-pack, 4-pack, and 10-pack, with possibility for a 72 pack and will be priced around $1.50 per stopper (£1.25).

The Repour Kickstarter Campaign in Collaboration with Mayday London can be viewed here: Kickstarter

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